Air Filtration

Air Filtration:Filters are generally used to withhold particles from spreading, during thetransfer of a bulk solid to an enclosed stocking area.Air fill brand filters provide a filtering area between 6m2 to 90m2 and are producedin body diameters of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm.Air fill filters offer;

  • Jet pulse cleaning system
  • Stainless steel body and weather
  • protection cover
  • Cartridge type filter element
  • Easy-to-reach exterior control panel
  • Silo mounting flanges as standard.
  • In addition, stainless steel seal frame and
  • silo flanges are optionally available.

Airfill_Filter-002 Airfill_Filter-001 Airfill_Filter Poligonal_Filter-002 Poligonal_Filter-001