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Construction Sector

Truck mixer pumps with volume capacity ranging from 7m3 to 8m3 and with booms length ranging from 24 meters up to 32 meters

Concrete pumps catalogue

Concrete pumps with  booms  length  ranging from  24  meters  up  to 62 meters


Industrial Sector
 Electric vibrator motors are produced

for use with vibrating units such as

filters, silos, screeners, surface cleaners,

conveyors, feeders, dosing units and test

rigs. The vibration movement is achieved

by the oscillation of two cams placed on

both sides of an asynchronous motor shaft.


AIRFILL V25 vibrating lter provides a ltering area of 25m²and is produced in 800mm diameter body.
AIRFILL V25 lter comprises of,
• Electromotor vibrating cleaning system
• Stainless steel body
• UV resistant special plastic weather protection
cover for external use
• Cartridge type lter element
• Special design rubber and spring system
• Timer control relay
• Silo mounting ange
Filter hopper is optionally available.



actuators and micro switches canbe coupled with many differentbutterfly and slide valves.actuators are available as manual,pneumatic and electromotor types.actuator types:ACM and ACMS : Manual lever

ACP and ACPS : Pneumatic

ACES : Electromotor

MS : Micro switches


In general available for flow adjustment, controlling flow rate or to cut the flow completely in bulk solids handling materails.
In enclosed volumes like silos, bunkers and in similar structures. Design for normal, heavy duty applications having steel base frame are applicable almost in all sectors.
Slide valves;
Base frame; Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Chute; EPDM
Blade; Carbon steel
Stainless steel
Types having square, rectangular and round section are available
SVQ Square Section Type; from 100mm to 400mm
SVC Round section Type; from 100mm to 400mm
SVR Rectangular Section Type; 200mm and 300mm
In addition, special types are available, designed to serve in applications where impermeability or tightness is desired.
For acidic materials please consult to supplier.
For dust tight operations kindly choose the proper combination (and ensure to have made adjustment on fixing force to adapt contact between EPDM chute/seal between the blade ±0.8mm)
Slide_Valve-page-001 Slide_Valve-page-002
Pressure Relief Valves

pressure relief valves release air

out of the silo in order to prevent any

damage to the silo and silo filter.

Fluidisation nozzles are used for blowing

Pressure_Relief_Valve (1)-page-001 Pressure_Relief_Valve (1)-page-002


Butterfly valves provide maximum sealing by the help of their unique andpatented O-ring channel and seal.butterfly valves are available withsingle (BV1F) or double flanges (BV2F).


BV.F…NN : With EPDM disc

BV.F…AF : With Stainless steel discbuterfly valve BV_Butterfly_valve Butterfly_Valve

 Butterfly_Valve-page-001 Butterfly_Valve-page-002
We providing and service bulk material handling conveyor equipment which improves productivity, safety and reliability for our customers. Using proven products and the latest technology to provide the most innovative solutions to conveyor material handling applications, we are focused on providing solutions for carry back, spillage and dust control in load zone transfer points. Our products are engineered to provide the best results as well as provide ease of installation and optimize overall conveyor performance.Screw conveyor Types: SCS : Standard type design to use in Concrete Batching Plants

SCSI : Standard type design to use in Concrete Batching Plants for ice

SCR : For use in general applications

SCP : Heavy duty type screw conveyors

SCE : Heavy duty type screw conveyors

SCX : Screw conveyors made in stainless steel

SCU : U type screw conveyors

SCV : Vertical type screw conveyorsScrew_Conveyor-004 Screw_Conveyor-003 Screw_Conveyor-002 Screw_Conveyor-001

Air Filtration:Filters are generally used to withhold particles from spreading, during thetransfer of a bulk solid to an enclosed stocking area.Air fill brand filters provide a filtering area between 6m2 to 90m2 and are producedin body diameters of 400mm, 600mm and 800mm.Air fill filters offer;

  • Jet pulse cleaning system
  • Stainless steel body and weather
  • protection cover
  • Cartridge type filter element
  • Easy-to-reach exterior control panel
  • Silo mounting flanges as standard.
  • In addition, stainless steel seal frame and
  • silo flanges are optionally available.

Airfill_Filter-002 Airfill_Filter-001 Airfill_Filter Poligonal_Filter-002 Poligonal_Filter-001

we provide  conveyor belt design, which include world records such as the strongest belts, both textile and steel cord, the steepest overland, and the world’s heaviest belt.